How Do You Clear Cloudy Aquarium Water?

Dec 5
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Cloudy Aquarium WaterIf you are in the aquarium hobby for any length of time you will probably have to deal with cloudy aquarium water. Usually you will be looking in the aquarium and note that the water is a bit cloudy (either white or green) and over the next day or two it gets worse. This is usually an indication of a problem with your aquarium maintenance. If left untreated, it can result in an unsightly aquarium or dead or dying fish.

    If left for an extended period of time, it can result in the loss of all your fish.

This is definitely a situation to be avoided or at rectified as soon as possible.

So what do you do? How do you clear cloudy aquarium water?

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What is the Aquarium Cycle?

Oct 31
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If you have been around the aquarium hobby for any length of time, you’ve probably heard about the aquarium cycle or nitrogen cycle. If you are just starting out in the hobby you need to know about it and how to control it.

The aquarium cycle is often cursed and is probably the leading cause of fish losses in our aquariums. Understanding cycling can mean the difference between success and the beginning of a long and satisfying hobby and a frustrating failure and another tank in a garage sale.

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How Do You Find the Right Food for Tropical Fish Care?

Aug 5
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Handling regular aquarium cleanings, ensuring that different species are getting along, and monitoring water and light attributes are all major parts of keeping a good tropical fish tank but feeding needs to be a high priority in terms of proper research and implementation. Though some aquarium owners may simply turn to bulk tubs of generic fish food flakes, there are many other options available to ensure your fish are getting the best nutrition possible and that your tank’s balance is maintained.

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What Are the Best Plants for Freshwater Tanks?

Aug 2
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Whimsical aquariums often include an array of plastic plants or flowers, and while some fish enthusiasts may genuinely prefer the look of fake plants along with their low maintenance profiles, a majority of tropical fish owners prefer living plants that help with water quality and provide a more natural environment for fish.

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What are The Best Types of Tropical Fish?

Jul 30
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If you are new to the aquarium hobby, or even if you have been in it for a while, you are probably familiar with this situation. You walk into an aquarium store or you are looking on an on-line site and you are overwhelmed by the number of choices. There are fish in all colors and all sizes in various shapes with all sorts of different fin configurations. You could spend hours just watching and never decide on a fish, but isn’t the watching and enjoying what this hobby is all about? But that still doesn’t help you decide so your question still is: what are the best types of tropical fish?
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Time-Saving Strategies for Aquarium Maintenance and Tropical Fish Care

Jul 24
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There is a some work typically involved in setting up and caring for a tropical fish tank, and while the work may not always be difficult, it can often be time-consuming. While it is likely not a good idea to embark upon the adventure of owning a tropical fish tank if the idea of aquarium maintenance is burdensome, owners who enjoy keeping fish can cut down on the amount of time needed to take care of basic duties by planning ahead.
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Three Steps to a Better Tropical Fish Tank Setup

Jul 21
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Like some larger, furrier pets, tropical fish require a considerable amount of upkeep and care, and those who aren?t interested in spending adequate time and resources on a tank of their own may be better off with other pet options. For people who are enthusiastic about tropical fish ownership, however, creating and maintaining a tank can be a true joy that’s complemented by a beautiful aquarium that can dazzle friends and family.
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FAQ on Tropical Fish Care

Jul 17
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Tropical fish tanks tend to be admired for their great beauty and ability to support some of the most interesting aquatic species, but creating and maintaining a healthy tank is often a challenge. Tropical fish care requires serious dedication, ample research, and various fish tank supplies to keep everything running smoothly –but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible if you’re truly enthusiastic about starting a tank. Below is a compilation of the most frequently-asked questions about tropical fish care and fish tank supplies.
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How to Buy Items for Freshwater Tropical Fish for Less

Jul 14
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Tropical fish often evoke images of classic clownfish, lionfish, and other saltwater species, but many of today’s most beautiful tropical fish tanks actually support a freshwater environment. Freshwater tropical fish come in a great variety of species, and there are many different tank configurations that can be created to achieve a pleasing look that also makes for satisfying pet ownership.
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The Top Three Tropical Fish Care Supplies

Jul 12
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Perusing the stock of tropical fish supplies at any given pet store or aquarium shop, you’re likely to come across an incredible variety of products, some of which may be more essential than others. From the most standard of aquarium tanks to the most whimsical accessories and decorations, the amount of items available for today’s tropical fish tanks is truly astounding. You don’t have to wander the aisles endlessly in search of great tropical fish supplies, however.
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