I became interested in tropical fish when I discovered an old 15 gallon stainless steel aquarium (which I still have) in my parents attic.  It had the old filter box and other equipment with it.  Since I didn’t know anything about aquariums and setting them up, I went to my local fish store to ask if they could give me some help setting it up.  They said they would but to my surprise, they said they would charge me $40 for the information.  I declined and went looking elsewhere.  Fortunately, I was able to find another store who was willing to advise me and have since made many purchases from them that more than paid for their advice thousands of times over.

I have always been somewhat of a behind the scenes hobbyist.  By that I mean that although I have always been willing to talk about tropical fish, I have never been one to bring up the topic.  This is so much the case, that when I was talking to a friend who I have known for nearly 20 years who is a very well known aquarist and told him about this project, he remarked that he was surprised because I thought I was a casual aquarist. 

I guess this is a matter of perspective since at one point I had nearly 30 aquariums operating in my rather small house and was on the board of the San Francisco Aquarium Society with him.  I also served as president of the Society for about two and a half years.  I have since cut back a bit on my aquariums and now only have seven set up in my home.

I have always been a bit obsessive-compulsive and to that end have read too many books to count on the subject of tropical fish and aquariums and have always been somewhat eclectic in my interests.  I have had everything from freshwater shrimp to a complete saltwater set up.  I once had an 11 inch long red devil and two plecostomus that were over a foot long.  The plecos were donated to the California Academy of Sciences when they were opening their new Steinhart Aquarium as they needed more room than I could provide.

A few years ago, my daughter called me.  She was wandering around a big box pet store trying to figure out what to buy.  My granddaughter had been to a birthday party and was given a goldfish as a parting gift.  You can read the post I wrote about it here: http://tropicalfishfun.com/?p=191.  It was an interesting experience to follow the story of “Rocky the Goldfish”. 

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