One comment on “How to Buy Items for Freshwater Tropical Fish for Less

  1. The difficulty to keep a frthwsaeer tropical tank depends on how big it is, what you stock it with, and whether or not you have it planted with live plants.Normally, if you stock the tank up to the max, it will require more frequent water changes/gravel vacs to prevent the waste from building up, leading to algae issues.If you plant the tank, usually that will help with nitrates/fish waste, but plants themselves require specific lighting and water additives/minerals. However, adding live plants means they sometimes come with annoying aquarium pests like pond snails.If you under stock the tank, provide ample filtration/aeration, and routinely maintain the tank via water changes, equipment maintenance, etc., then frthwsaeer tropical tanks are not hard to maintain.Typically, the hardest part of setting up a fish tank is cycling the tank. Aside from that, routine maintenance and upkeep usually provide a healthy tank environment that is easy to keep.

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